Who We Are

We are a group of seasoned pastors who realize the value of encouragement to the men & women in the trenches! In the building of the temple it says that “The Carpenter encouraged the goldsmith and he who smoothed with the hammer encouraged him who smote the anvil.” Isaiah 41:7. We have coaches and encouragers who take a small cohort of pastors and meet with them twice monthly at a predetermined time set by the coach and the pastor.

Michael & Dee Ann Page

Michael and Dee Ann spent 41 years  in the pastoral ministry. They have twin sons where both of them are serving as Missionaries. Jake and his family are serving in Thailand and Jeremy and his family are serving cross-culturally in Southeast Asia. Their third son and family live in Scottsdale Arizona, where Donlan is Dean of Students and Academics at a Christian College. 

D.S. David Ralph

Pastor David Ralph served for 20 years in 2 churches in the Denver, Colorado area.  He’s served in pastorates from the small church to the large church. He was elected to the District superintendency out of the Westminster Church of the Nazarene now called “The Crossing”. He observed the battles and the constant load that pastors carry in pastoral leadership as he served as District Pastor/District Superintendent for 20 years. Shepherding the flock is a herculean task and Pastor Dave understands the Shepherds role in shepherding the flock effectively!  

Michael Higley

Michael spent most of his 36+ ministry years in the Wesleyan Church and is now happily serving the Lord in the Nazarene Church. He is passionate for the holiness of Believers. Just as the Lord has called him to pastor/shepherd, some years ago he was also called to come alongside pastors to encourage, build up, and invest in them. His roots come out of a small country church where he saw the pastoral challenges at a very young age. Michael has been privileged to serve long-term in the churches he has pastored—rebuilding them, directing them to health, building the leadership, and sending out pastors and ministers into the Kingdom churches. His wife, Robin, has been an integral part of every ministry with her giftedness and support. Together, the Lord has blessed them and they desire to continue the pathway He has illuminated before them, not only at Springs First Church, but also, alongside the men and women God has ‘Called’ into His kingdom work.

Pastor Alan Scott

Alan has served over 40 years as a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene, teaching and practicing Scriptural Counseling as an integral part of his pastoral ministry care. Upon concluding over 23 years as pastor at Trinity Church in Colorado Springs, God led him to begin LIVE Ministry, which offers in-person and virtual Scriptural Counseling to pastors to encourage them to stay in ministry. He has found that offering this confidential time of counseling to reflect on inevitable past ministry hurts and challenges, can renew and refocus the pastor and family.
The Pages started the Barn Ministry in 2018, where Pastors and Missionaries can stay at no charge. Michael and David Ralph started Shepherd’s Hope to encourage Ministers serving in ministry and to offer financial support for Retired Pastors.