I will send you shepherds after my own heart!

~ Jeremiah 3:15

A ministry of encouragement to full time shepherds

Pastors | Missionaries | Christian workers

We are a non-profit 501c3 ministry that offers encouragement and coaching to ministers free of charge. While ministers are often leaned on and needed to support their congregation and staff, we know that those in ministry also need support of their own to continue feeling empowered to lead their flock.

Why is encouragement coaching important?

A pastor preaches weekly, but also carries all of the burdens of his flock! Pastors are also human beings and as they navigate through personal life, marriage, finances, and other persona issues, the compound weight of being a pastor can be immense.

Pastors have a call and have taken on a noble endeavor to lay down their life for the Lord. Pastoring is never-ending. It is night and day with no end in sight. Like Moses lifting up his arms in battle, pastors arms grow weary.

Those in full time Christian service are under great pressure

Our goal is to lift up weary hands and to encourage pastors in the front trenches and sustain them longer in their ministry career.

Persevering means that…

we keep doing all these things until Jesus returns. We have to keep praying, keep praising, keep operating in the presence, keep operating in the prophetic, keep operating in purity, keep operating in power, keep bringing in partners, and keep enduring against all odds. If we don’t persevere, we won’t pass our faith on to the next generation.